Fax software that allows you to send and receive from your workstation faxed documents. Designed for companies of all sizes from 5 user to 100+. Zetafax lets you send and receive faxes just like emails and can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange & Lotus notes.

FormStorm Enterprise

FormStorm Enterprise

CMS Software UK is proud to be one of the leading data capture companies involved in the application of Formstorm in the UK. FormStorm is a robust yet versatile forms processing software package, providing automatic data capture of your documents, including purchase invoices, market research questionnaires, customer feedback forms, and enquiry forms.

Charactell discuss the merits of forms processing and Advanced Character Recognition, explaining why Formstorm is the right package for you.

Anita Terminal Emulator for Windows

Terminal Emulation

AnitaAniTa is the terminal emulator that gives new life to your text based UNIX applications. It was evaluated as the "best Windows terminal emulator for UNIX applications" according to a leading UNIX supplier.


AniTa Telnet Terminal Emulator supports a wide range of terminal emulations including VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420, VT510, VT520, VT525, ANSI, Wyse50, Wyse60, Linux Console, SCO Console, System V Console, Adds Viewpoint, Hewlett Packard HP700 and IBM TN3270 / TN3270E emulations. The number of columns and rows supported is configurable and switchable, such that AniTa Telnet Terminal Emulator will switch between 80 and 132 column output when it receives the command from the host.


The easy to configure, 3-D box and colour options, allow you to assign such attributes even when running an existing application written for text based monochrome screens. Alternatively the colour can be controlled from the host with ANSI, ASCII or DEC VT525 colour commands.


AniTa 9.0 supporting Windows 7 is released. This new AniTa 9 supports the following platforms: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2008 / Vista / 7 / Terminal Server.


Click here for some before and after screen shots of applications running within AniTa.


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AniTa Telnet Terminal Emulator supports terminal printing and screen dump printing. Printers can be local, connected to the AniTa Telnet Terminal Emulator workstation, or remote, connected via a network.

AniTa Telnet Terminal Emulator is also provided as part of Fusion95, which makes your UNIX / AIX machine into a powerful File and Printer Server in a Windows PC network. UNIX / AIX disks and files can be used by the Windows PCs as normal network resources. UNIX / AIX applications can print to PC printers and PC users can print to all UNIX / AIX printers. 


Click here for the AniTa white paper.

Anita for the Web (Java)

There is also a version of AniTa Telnet Terminal Emulator designed specifically for the JAVA environment. In addition to being able to purchase both versions separately, the AniTa Enterprise bundle allows you to run both versions on the same workstation and also provides the flexibility of being able to migrate from one to the other at a later date.

While both versions are designed to obtain the most from their underlying system architecture, they still provide a coherent and consistent interface. This means the users and administrators of one AniTa Telnet Terminal Emulator version, will immediately feel confident and comfortable with the other. ...more info.


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