FormStorm Enterprise

FormStorm Enterprise

CMS Software UK is proud to be one of the leading data capture companies involved in the application of Formstorm in the UK. FormStorm is a robust yet versatile forms processing software package, providing automatic data capture of your documents, including purchase invoices, market research questionnaires, customer feedback forms, and enquiry forms.

Charactell discuss the merits of forms processing and Advanced Character Recognition, explaining why Formstorm is the right package for you.

Therefore Document Management


The Therefore™ documenet management system enables you to process information efficiently, economically and securely throughout your department or organization. This means your team can access and use the information they need to meet business objectives, allowing you to have a smarter company and increase efficiency and profits.

Fax software that allows you to send and receive from your workstation faxed documents. Designed for companies of all sizes from 5 user to 100+. Zetafax lets you send and receive faxes just like emails and can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange & Lotus notes.

Redscan SDP

Redscan SDP

Network security for small to medium enterprises. Unified Threat Management (UTM) including firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, anti virus, anti spam, content filtering, protected 24/7. Ideal security package to monitor network and protect from Internet attacks and threats.

Canon introduce the latest model in their impressive range of document scanners. The DR-3010C document scanner can scan at 30ppm and up to 3,000 pages per day workload. Make the Canon DR-3010C your workgroup scanner for your document management needs.

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CMS Software Ltd is one of the key resellers in the UK for RapidRedact - Document Redaction Software. RapidRedact is a valuable tool for quickly blanking out (redacting) sensitive information from your documents, and keeping your confidential information private. In addition to being far more efficient than manual redaction, you are able to audit and track which changes have been made to redacted documents and you can automatically stamp the documents with the relevant UK FOI, DPA, and EIR exemption codes.


What makes RapidRedact unique?

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Benefits Redaction Software to your Business/Organisation


The Rapid Redact brochue can be found here.


Below is an example of the types of organisations who are currently using Rapid Redact:-


Price on Application


All prices exclude VAT



Rapid Redact has a mandatory annual maintenance contract which is included in the above prices. Other user numbers are available, please contact Sales on 01708-640382 – for further details.


Demonstrations of RapidRedact

To allow you to fully appreciate how RapidRedact can benefit your organisation there are a number of demonstrations for you to view.



RapidRedact Desktop

RapidRedact Desktop is a fast simple redaction tool for irreversibly blanking out (redacting) selected information and meta data from all electronic document types. Since the redacted content is no longer in the document, snooping or hacking into the file cannot reveal it.


RapidRedact integrates with your own desktop application software and offers a simple user interface through which a user can begin redacting files.


This version of the RapidRedact redaction tool is ideal for users who need to select documents, text, pages or sections, and then automatically search and redact words phrases fields and pages.


Integrated document sources with MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Outlook Express, PowerPoint, Acrobat, Acrobat Reader etc.


Click here for the product data sheet on RapidRedact Desktop.


New RapidRedact version 2.30 features

Windows 7 and Office 2010 compatibility

RapidRedact Desktop is fully compatible with Windows 7 based operating systems and Office 2010.


Historical Reporting

Historical Reporting extends RapidRedact's reporting capabilities. In previous versions of RapidRedact Desktop Reports were only able to be generated at document output. With the introduction of 'Historical Reporting', organizations can create reports whenever they are needed for documents redacted in the past.


Deskew and Despeckle

The Deskew and Despeckle tools are used for correcting inconsistencies in scanned documents. With the introduction of these tools, users can quickly and easily re-position skewed pages and remove unwanted marks that often appear on scanned documents.


Redaction templates from file

TIF and PDF files can be selected from the user's computer’s file system and used as redaction templates.


Further details on these changes and other additions to this and previous versions of RapidRedact Desktop can be found here.


RapidRedact High Volume Server

RapidRedact High Volume Server is a redaction server and software development toolkit which allows you to "redaction enable" existing systems. Suitable for redacting large volumes of documents, it provides automatic text search and removal, and lets multiple reviewers access and work on these documents on the LAN or over the web. The high performance redaction server enables multi-page documents to be retrieved and redacted up to 40 times faster than any other solution.


RapidRedact High Volume Server is ideal for companies who need to process large volumes of documents, queue and make ready batches of files for automatic text search and removal, allowing multiple users to access and work on these documents.


Click here for the product data sheet on RapidRedact High Volume Server.


RapidRedact Webstreamer

A web extension that works with the RapidRedact SDK & High-Volume Server, for businesses that require high volume redacting and reviewing capability over the internet.


It integrates directly with your system, and works with third party web based applications for users to redact documents right in their browser, over the web. The revolutionary streaming server enables multi–page documents to be retrieved and redacted up to 40 times faster than any other solution.


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CMS Software Ltd based in the UK is a leading provider of document scanning hardware and software solutions. CMS offer full consultation for your document management, scanning, archiving and retrieval requirements.CMS Software products and services include Canon & Fujitsu document scanners, electronic document distribution, electronic invoice approval, forms processing for invoices, statements, remittances and other related documents.  Click here for our Terms and Conditions of Sale.