Redscan SDP

Redscan SDP

Network security for small to medium enterprises. Including Firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, anti virus, anti spam, virtual private networking, content filtering, protected 24/7. The ideal network security package to monitor network and protect from Internet attacks and threats.

Terminal Emulation Software for Windows and Java

The AniTa range of Unix Terminal Emulators, provide new life to text based platforms such as Unix, Linux and IBM Mainframes. Cost savings and investment efficiencies can be realised by having the capability to integrate these applications. CMS Software provides the capability to support a number of Unix Telnet integrations utilising the Windows and Java software from April Systems.


Anita for Windows

AnitaOne of the leading windows terminal emulators with over 700,000 installation in 60 countries. Anita telnet software gives new life to text based applications on platforms such as UNIX, Linux and IBM mainframe. AniTa emulation software makes a text application look more like a windows application and provides a graphical "look" and features such as mouse and colour display.  AniTa runs on a wide range of workstations such as Windows, Linux, Solaris and UNIX as well as on thin-clients. AniTa can support SSH applications.

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AniTa 9.0 supporting Windows 7 is released. This new AniTa 9 supports the following platforms: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2008 / Vista / 7 / Terminal Server.


Anita for the Web (Java)

Anita WebThere is also a version of AniTa Telnet Terminal Emulator designed specifically for the JAVA environment. In addition to being able to purchase both versions separately, the AniTa Enterprise bundle allows you to run both versions on the same workstation and also provides the flexibility of being able to migrate from one to the other at a later date.


While both versions are designed to obtain the most from their underlying system architecture, they still provide a coherent and consistent interface. This means the users and administrators of one AniTa Telnet Terminal Emulator version, will immediately feel confident and comfortable with the other.  ...more info.


Unix Integration Software



Fusion95Fusion95 provides PC-to-UNIX connectivity via TCP/IP and RFC NetBIOS with a UNIX based file and printer server, together with the Anita terminal emulator for PC clients. ...more info.


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