FormStorm Enterprise

FormStorm Enterprise

CMS Software UK is proud to be one of the leading data capture companies involved in the application of Formstorm in the UK. FormStorm is a robust yet versatile forms processing software package, providing automatic data capture of your documents, including purchase invoices, market research questionnaires, customer feedback forms, and enquiry forms.

Charactell discuss the merits of forms processing and Advanced Character Recognition, explaining why Formstorm is the right package for you.

Canon introduce the latest model in their impressive range of document scanners. The DR-3010C document scanner can scan at 30ppm and up to 3,000 pages per day workload. Make the Canon DR-3010C your workgroup scanner for your document management needs.

Further details can be found here.

Fax software that allows you to send and receive from your workstation faxed documents. Designed for companies of all sizes from 5 user to 100+. Zetafax lets you send and receive faxes just like emails and can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange & Lotus notes.

Redscan SDP

Redscan SDP

Network security for small to medium enterprises. Unified Threat Management (UTM) including firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, anti virus, anti spam, content filtering, protected 24/7. Ideal security package to monitor network and protect from Internet attacks and threats.

Therefore Document Management


The Therefore™ documenet management system enables you to process information efficiently, economically and securely throughout your department or organization. This means your team can access and use the information they need to meet business objectives, allowing you to have a smarter company and increase efficiency and profits.

Zetafax Electronic Fax Software

Zetafax electronic network fax software is designed by Equisys for businesses of varying sizes. Zetafax fax software offers a scalable solution starting with 5 user license packs up to large installs of 50 users plus.


Zetafax integrates tightly with both Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes. Users can manage fax creation, delivery and receipt directly from their email client or favourite office application, saving time spent printing and manually faxing documents. The familiar interfaces make the faxing process simple and easy to learn whilst improving worker efficiency.


For more advanced users the Zetafax Client provides a rich feature set such as fax annotation, editing and control options. You can even monitor the status of faxes as they are being sent and be notified of any failures, ensuring important documents never go missing.


Why not take a look at the full product brochure and see what Zetafax can do for your business, click on this link.

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The Zetafax Business Edition includes the Zetafax Server, 5 client licenses, support for two fax lines and 1 year’s Software Assurance. It also includes the Zetafax Email Gateway, DDI routing, queue management, remote monitoring and report writing. Faxes can be sent using the Zetafax Client, Web Client, or email clients.



Why Buy Zetafax?

Faxing direct from your PC using Zetafax is up to 80%quicker than using a standard fax machine. The resulting time savings can save your company thousands of dollars through increased productivity.



Your business has 10 fax users each sending an average of 5 faxes per day. For each fax, it takes an average of 5 minutes to print it out, retrieve it from the printer, transfer it to the fax machine, dial the destination fax number, send and wait for the transmission confirmation.


Faxes per user x 5 minutes each = 25 minutes

25 minutes per user x 10 users = 250 minutes per day

250 minutes per day x 250 days = 62,500 minutes per year

1042 hours per year x 12.50 per labour cost = 13,025

13,025 labour cost per year x 80% = 10,420 saving!


Why not calculate your own cost savings by using the ROI calculator which can be found here.


Zetafax Free 30 Day Trial Version

 Free 30 day trail - Zetafax electronic network fax software, offers great value for money any size of business!!


Zetafax Duo quick evaluation software download (98 Mb)

Includes starter system feature highlights for use on a single PC.

Download the Zetafax Duo quick evaluation software

Zetafax Add-ons

Zetafax SMS Gateway

The Zetafax SMS Gateway is an ideal additional feature to assist you in contacting customers, prospects, subscribers and clients – both quickly and cheaply.


Send text messages directly from the desktop to customers’ mobile handsets. You can send reminder text messages to your customers ahead of the expiry of an agreement or alert them to an approaching deadline for a contract or policy renewal. The Zetafax SMS Gateway lets you send targeted communications to customers either immediately or at future set times planned by you.


For further details on how Zetafax SMS text messaging can work for you, click on this link.


Zetafax FaxBroadcast

Zetafax FaxBroadcast takes the time and effort out of sending faxes in bulk to large numbers of recipients. It is ideal for marketing, finance or sales departments that want to send mass communications quickly, and at low cost.


Setting up your campaign takes just a few minutes. Compose your faxmessage, import your contacts from any database or CSV file, add a coversheet to personalize your fax – and submit it. Run your broadcast in the background while you get on with other tasks. Combined with the powerful Zetafax Server, FaxBroadcast enables your users to set up multiple fax jobs simultaneously. The Zetafax server will then manage priority of delivery.


For further details on how Zetafax FaxBroadcast can save you time and money promoting your company, click on this link.


Zetafax API Toolkit

The API Toolkit allows Zetafax to be integrated with specialized or in-house software. Users can then send custom, professional looking fax documents directly from the applications they use daily with no need for additional training, saving time. Integration can be achieved via submit files, embedded addressing, DDE commands and C/COM libraries.


For further details on how Zetafax API Toolkit can work for you, click on this link.


Zetafax Email Integration

Microsoft Exchange

The Zetafax native integration with Exchange and Outlook enables businesses to send and receive faxes without changing their existing email infrastructure.


Distributing faxes by hand is slow and costly. Zetafax lets you easily create and manage faxes like emails within Outlook. It enables Outlook to archive faxes and emails in a single location, so you can find messages quickly and easily. Outlook follow-up flags can also be used for fax messages.


 For further information about integration with Microsoft Exchange, please click on this link.


Lotus Domino

 The Zetafax email gateway gives Lotus Domino users the convenience of sending and receiving email and faxmessages from one common interface – their Notes workspace. There is no need to install a separate fax client program, although it is available if needed.


Faxes can be addressed using the Notes address book by selecting single or multiple recipients. The Zetafax email gateway sends the fax, notifying the sender of success or failure.


For further information about integration with Lotus Domino, please click on the link.


For further information on the full range Zetafax products, contact CMS Software direct. You'll find our contact details here.


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CMS Software Ltd based in the UK is a leading provider of document scanning hardware and software solutions. CMS offer full consultation for your document management, scanning, archiving and retrieval requirements.CMS Software products and services include Canon & Fujitsu document scanners, electronic document distribution, electronic invoice approval, forms processing for invoices, statements, remittances and other related documents.  Click here for our Terms and Conditions of Sale.